The joys of app surfing


I don’t  know about you, but I have a ton of extra time on my hands. Since money grows on trees, dinner cooks itself, and pigs fly, there really isn’t much I am responsible for. In fact, some days, I spend so much time relaxing, that I lie awake at night thinking about how I wish I could find something more to fiddle with–something to save me from boredom. Thats why I love apps. I mean, why have just one place to have a conversation when you can have ten? Thats why communication apps are a must. But don’t stop

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Step One: Own the Addiction

social media

It happened again. You were late for lunch because you were distracted by a heated argument on Twitter. You had to get your two sense in there. After all, the others obviously don’t understand the topic as well as you. In fact, participating may have even been a moral obligation. As was sharing it on Facebook and checking out videos of people trying strange ethnic food on Buzzfeed and the seeing the latest trends on Pintrist…After all, it’s all in good fun…or is it? It’s easy to remain oblivious to the challenges we are facing in life. Its way more

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4 Easy Ways to Streamline your Life


Sometimes, life can feel like one giant, unruly mess. We often manage so many roles and responsibilities that it seems impossible to decipher what to do first and how to be most productive. After all, with work opportunities, family obligations, and active social calendars, we are being pulled in a million directions at once causing distraction, stress, and sometimes even full-blown hysteria. But, instead of allowing your responsibilities to overwhelm you, it is critical  to rethink your task management strategy. By taking the time to think, organize, and take advantage of technology, you are sure to streamline your life and

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Surprising Dangers of Digital ADHD


How harmful is excess social media really? How would you feel if you suddenly had to go a week without your smartphone? Would you be nervous? Would you fidget? Would you know how to handle waiting in a line or being stuck in traffic? Would you suddenly feel disconnected from the world? If you’re honest with yourself,  your answers may shock you. Social media is fun and has accomplished incredible achievements in the realms of communication and information accessibility. However, being a relatively modern development, most people have yet to achieve social media moderation, often causing Digital ADHD and in

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Top business apps and tools you simply can’t live without

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Must-have technology for ultimate business success Today, there are apps for everything. Yet, despite the hype, most of them are completely useless (unless of course you consider shooting computerized birds with a virtual slingshot productive). However, among the bountiful array of ridiculous apps,and software there are quite a few gems which make managing your business opportunities simple. Read on to find our favorites:   1. Insightly: If you’re looking for a CRM that does it all, look no further. Insightly allows you to manage contacts including background and email history, your projects–allowing you to stay on top of timelines and milestones, and your

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5 Signs you Suffer from Digital ADHD


Sure signs of social media madness and how to gain control Another day begins–the sun rises, birds chirp, the smell of coffee fills the air–and the buzzing of your phone thrusts you straight into reality, whether you’re ready or not. Generally speaking, social media has done quite a bit of good. However, social media at the wrong time, without organization can cause utter chaos. Each notification is a tempting distraction from work and our infinite communication sources make it easier for important messages and records to get lost in the madness.  Under these circumstances, it is no surprise that Digital

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